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Watercolor Portraits

There was a time when the only way people could record their images for their loved ones or for posterity was with paints and oils. It took a considerable amount of time and financial resources to sit and have a portrait painted.

For many years, Donna has created photographic portraiture of her favorite subjects, children, combining sublime, rich colors with elegant deportment, but always with a touch of whimsy! Now Donna has taken imagery to a new level that has never been reached by any free-hand portrait painter.

Donna in a Watercolor portrait, enhances each photographic image with hand-applied artistic touches and an unerring flair for light and beauty while accomplishing the impossible; creating portraits with the “exact likeness” of loved ones in a free-hand painted style.

We would love to create a one of a kind Watercolor portraits for your family.

Please call and we can discuss this with you.